Role of PHP in Web Designing

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In this Intel, I am going to discuss about the role of PHP in web designing. PHP is a language which helps to create any type of web pages with very less time and it is very easy to develop any kind of web design in PHP. Let we see it in my Intel, how it is possible with PHP.


Role of PHP in Web Designing


PHP is a powerful tool to create dynamic pages and interactive web pages. It is widely used languages in web development compare with Microsoft ASP, because it is freeware and never need to get any license for using this script.

This article is discuss, why PHP is better compare with other technologies and some features of PHP



PHP versus ASP


ASP is a good technology, but compare with PHP, it has some drawbacks. PHP is faster compare with ASP.ASP using COM based architecture, when we using VbScript in ASP, want to running COM object, if programmer need to contact client means need to call COM objects write method. If programmer need to call another COM object when he want to access databases. This COM objects reduce the speed of execution, but in PHP, we are using modules everything run inside the PHP's memory space.



PHP versus JSP


PHP support all web hosting Linux platforms. But JSP not support like that, PHP is very easy to learn compare with JSP. PHP is open source; it is the major advantage, that's why any open source people like to use it.



PHP Features:


PHP is a server side scripting language; those scripts are inserted inside HTML tag to make a website. User never need any special browser or plug-in to view PHP scripting. The beauty of PHP is its simplicity because it is very easy to handle. PHP runs in an apache module developed using C, so it's run quickly. Lot of web server packages is available, like XAMPP and LAMP. Those packages are in combination of Apache, MySQL and some interpreters written in PHP and older Perl Programming Language.



Another attractive advantage in PHP is its connectivity's. PHP have lot of libraries, if the users want to add new extensions means, they will upload it using dynamic loading mechanism.

Like extensions we have lot of interfaces, some important interfaces are Database and Server. Database interface are in the form of MYSQL, Oracle, MS SQL and some others. Server interfaces are like Apache, Roxen etc…



PHP has lot of community, if you have any query in your scripting, just go to community pages; it has lot of pre-defined solutions. Some members already post the solutions using that to solve our problem easily


It has huge security level; those things are done in php.ini file. Due to this security level, due to these security criteria now a day's lot of banking and backend applications is developed in PHP.

Lot of frameworks is available in market, for example Zend Framework, Code igniter, Cake PHP etc. The purpose of using those frameworks is to create site quickly and provide more security for every files.


I hope my intel is useful for person who is new to PHP in the society of web designing.


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Role of PHP in Web Designing

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This article was published on 2010/12/29