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Web development is a term given to the activities which are connected to the development of a website that can be put on the internet. These websites are the best way to promote products. Everyone with a business, either small or big, wants a website. Technology has made web development a simple and easy process. There are lots of languages developed, through which websites can be developed with much convenience.


The most popular among these is PHP. PHP developmenthas completely changed the way in which dynamic websites used to be developed earlier. Whenever anyone thinks of designing a website there are number of factors that are to be considered like flexibility of the website, its usability, and user friendly nature to name few. PHP being the open source language has made it possible to develop websites that are capable to accomplish all the above mentioned with ease and deep impression. The common factors that have made the PHP as a language that is high adaptable and one of the most popular language are:


  • An open source programming language: being an open source language means that PHP is free of cost and very easy in generating code. PHP can be used on various platforms ranging from windows to Linux. The language does not use much space and hence does not affect the speed of the system. There are many coding libraries available and that can be considered when needed.

  • Dynamic language: PHP works in co-ordination with HTML. HTML is used to display the dynamic content on the website. It has numerous HTTP server interfaces that makes it easy to access and easy to use. It has made web developmentvery easy and comfortable.

  • Convenient in resource utilization: the language does not need great chunks of system's space so uses less resources. It executes functions and executes very fast as it uses Apache module. As the Apache server is written in c and Java, hence it makes it good in resource use.

  • Dynamic management: PHP has made the content management, very simple and easy. All one has to do is to create a database and put all content in that database server. Then this content can be fetched by simple codes, when needed. PHP can be supported with many database platforms like MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Informix and PostgreSQL etc.


Many of the developers believe that PHP script can be used to solve very complex web application issues with much ease and really fast. All these features make PHP, the most demanding language in the web market. Even the most common and frequently used Social Networking Site Facebook is also designed by PHP.


PHP has become the big future prospective for the web developers. The language is simple to learn and can help in designing the most attractive dynamic websites.

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PHP – Best Web Development Language

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This article was published on 2011/05/16