CakePHP makes the technology more Advanced!

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Now, whenever any new technology comes around, main question that circulates is generally regarding the cause to replace the existing one or the need behind the emerging of an advanced version. Similar things do exist while cakePHP comes into picture. This is something very obvious that while working with any version of PHP or cakePHP, the basic programming language would be common and in this case, it would be PHP. While targeting large pond or a smaller one the basic would be open source PHP technology.


How cakePHP is Different?

There are few differences that make the cakePHP technology absolutely different. Starting with the framework of the cakePHP, as it is an open source technology, it does not possess any kind of architectural headache. It mainly relies onto its model view controller (MVC); it supports a clean coding structure. The programming and designing portion is parted away so that a clean coding structure can be maintained. However working with such architecture needs a long way learning else formulating the desired application would be troublesome.


The basic coding follows the PHP code therefore matching the compatibility with the cakePHP is very important. However, cakePHP shows the compatibility with various versions of PHP technology like PHP 4 and PHP 5. That is somehow very useful to the application developers. This means, cakePHP will support all the standard features and support various applications to get shape up. The developers who work in PHP will have an additional pleasure to work with cakePHP as the coding will be simpler.

Whenever web development comes into picture, database management is supposed to a very crucial issue. However with cakePHP, database management is far better and easy as it is managed via CRUD integration. The basic features of database are however taken care of and along with that additional functionalities are incorporated for its better maintenance. The technology's built in validation helps in saving of time and serves a better medium to interact with users.


Being a growing technology, cakePHP is certainly an essential programming tech that can meet the present day techie's needs. Switching of technologies is useful when they actually prove to be helpful in the website construction work. So, try out cakePHP where you need to indulge something different!

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CakePHP makes the technology more Advanced!

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This article was published on 2010/09/22